Winston Nanobit Says Hello World!

Hi! I am Winston. I am a robot, but I still have feelings like people do!

And even if I am a robot, I have a lot to learn about technology.

I tried to listen to music, but I was not sure what I was doing wrong.

I would like to experience the magical drink I hear people talk about all the time. “Coffee.”

But figuring out how to make it is going to be difficult.

I’m sure this step is important to making “coffee.”
Okay maybe this isn’t the right way…

I am a pretty small creature in a world that is very much designed for humans, so a lot of people tell me my life is going to be hard. But I try to look at things in the best light I can, and that can even mean helping others out whenever they need it.

I sat down to recharge and I found a friend!
“I’m just a little shocked you noticed me is all.”
“Well you have a powerful energy about you! Stay positive and things will be okay.”

I hope one day to better adapt to the world around me. That might be a slow process, but I will get there eventually! For now, I’ll take things one day at a time and see where I end up. πŸ™‚

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